How to Order

To order any of the items below you must call, text or email us to get a total. We do not have PayPal set up but we do take all other forms of payment.

Thank You


3/8" Small Weld in Center

This is our Universal center.

We do offer in one pattern as well. OD 6 3/4"

$12.00 ea

3/8" Stud Protector

We can customize the pattern and stud size.

$12.00 ea

Full Weld in Centers

We custom cut all the full centers. To order you would need to call and have the measurement of the rim you are wanting to use. ALL RIMS ARE DIFFERENT. Anything 14" OD or bigger will have an up charge.

$25.00 ea

8 Lug Centers 3/8"

$15.00 ea


Available in 14s and 15s

$25.00 ea

Bead Protectors

Available in 14s and 15s

$20.00 ea

Rim Guard

Available in 14s and 15s

$30.00 ea

BOSP Bead Locks

Available in 14s and 15s

These beadlocks pinches the tire